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A New Story: I Wish I Had A Tail

By Patricia Rust


From an upcoming book by Patricia Rust. This article ran in the Los Angeles Times Kid's Corner Page. Copyright March 2000, Patricia Rust Productions. Reproduction without express written consent of the author is forbidden.

Illustrations drawn by Reuben Munoz for the Los Angeles Times

[Article that appeared in LAT]

Some animals have tails,
Some do not.
I wish I had a tail,
With its end in a knot!

I would like to have a tail
To swish around;
I would swish my tail
All over this town!

I could wipe my windows,
Polish my shoes,
Clean my glasses,
And twirl it till I snoozed.

Who knows what
A tail is for?
It's a work of art,
And a whole lot more.

Monkeys have great tails;
That is for sure.
Monkeys have model tails
That are very secure.

Sharks have tails
To steer though the sea.
Their tails are so perfect
They are like high-tech machinery.
shark tail

  All birds have tails,
And their feathers fall out.
Do you know why that happens,
And what that's all about?
bunny tail

  bird tail Compared to a cute
Cottontail bunny,
Humans with tails,
Might look pretty funny!

human tail


Maybe we're fine,
Just the way we are.
A tailless creature,
And the silliest by far.

Illustrations drawn by Reuben Munoz for the Los Angeles Times

All text on this website copyright
Patricia Rust Productions (February 2000)

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