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"Live, Laugh, Learn" - Power for Kids, Inc. slogan

Patricia Rust founded Power for Kids, Inc. to promote literacy among our children. Patricia Rust sees the book as a tool for reaching the goal of teaching all children how to read. She also launched this website to create another tool that may be used in conjunction with the book.

Our mission and vision are below.

Help us out!

Power for Kids, Inc. exists entirely thanks to the generosity of individuals and corporations. If you would like to help promote our common cause of literacy, we could use the help. A couple of our current goals are:
  • To print and publish literacy materials (including computer CDs) for schools to support our vision for literacy.
  • To hold literacy presentations, similar to the one in Wyoming, in all the states.

Help us grow!

Power for Kids, Inc. is currently assembling a Board of Directors and Advisory Board. We are also seeking literacy advocates to volunteer their help with library and school readings. Please contact us using the information below if you are interested.

Mission Statement

Power for Kids, Inc. empowers children to become literate and encourages children to continue reading over their lifetimes.

Vision Statement

The King of Skittledeedoo is a doorway that leads children to the land of learning and literacy where all things become possible.

Power for Kids, Inc. will be entrusted to be a "dream keeper", teaching children that in order to achieve their dreams, they must learn to read. Our tools for learning will be parents, teachers, caregivers, books, dolls, and other media that will encourage children to make illiteracy a thing of the past. We have "Ten Rules of Reading" that will be revealed and publicized through the entertainment arm of our educational foundation.

With 21 million Americans challenged by illiteracy, The King of Skittledeedoo represents an important role model that children can be exposed to at a very young age. The book, as we have seen, can address adult illiteracy as well. We will strive to shine a light on this issue with diligence.

By empowering people through literacy, no door can ever close on them. The self-definition and self-esteem brought about through literacy are the very underpinnings of society. When one person is illiterate, we are all diminished. We seek to bring literacy and life enhancing skills to those facing this challenge.

For children who are eager to learn to read, we endeavor to see that they have high competence levels in reading, and make well thought out reading choices. The King of Skittledeedoo and his kingdom can become a place of learning and entertainment that can successfully compete with the distractions of non-educational television and video games which plague young children today.

Together, we will utilize creativity, knowledge, curiosity, wisdom, openness, discipline, honesty, freedom, responsibility, and love. Our concerns are universal so that we can better help the world be one of peace, freedom, justice, and dignity.

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