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"The King needs to go to school because he doesn't know how to spell. The children have all the answers. The King is funny because after his castle burns down he only has a towel to wear."
- Brian, 8, Manzanita Elementary, Newbury Park
Printed April 23, 2000, in the LA Times "Book Reviews by Kids" (Kid's Reading Room section)

"It's a funny story. I love the whole book and want to hear it every night. I like the King - He's funny."
- Dalon, Age 5

From Authors

From Wray Jose, a noted author and Hawaiian historian: "Thank you again for the book. I read it last night. It is beautifully written and remarkable for the clever way it promotes literacy for children, a true treasure."

From Parents

"The book is a bridge that takes kids from one place and in a matter of moments takes them to a place of learning." - Craig Matsubayahi, teacher, Sherman Oaks Elementary School, San Fernando Valley, CA

"Dear Patricia, Your book The King of Skittledeedoo is absolutely great. The story is swell and the art work flows." - Phyllis Diller

"It seems to be an imaginative tale and I believe one that children will love! I actively encourage early reading programs in Georgia and I am always looking for another interesting book to recommend." - Marie D. Barnes, First Lady of Georgia

"It's a wonderful book with a very powerful message." - Alice Foster, First Lady of Louisiana

"As First Lady of North Dakota, I visit with children in classrooms all across the state. It's one of the best parts of my job! I recently read your book to a group of third graders and they really enjoyed your message." - Nancy J. Schafer, First Lady of North Dakota

"Like many other First Ladies, Mrs. Graves is open to new ideas to promote reading to Kansas' children and their families. Your book certainly is a bridge toward that goal. She'll put your book to good use." - Jennie A. Rose, Chief of Staff, Office of the First Lady of Kansas

"Thank you for your book, The King of Skittledeedoo. I will circulate it at the Family Literacy Task Force meeting." - Mary Herman, First Lady of Maine

"The message is timely and certainly motivational. The illustrations are wonderful." - Judi Patton, First Lady of Kentucky

"A delightful story!" - Ms. Jeanne Shaheen, Governor of New Hampshire

"It is a wonderful story and I encourage your efforts to promote literacy." - Sharon Davis, First Lady of California

"I enjoyed the story and believe the message will motivate children to read." - Frances Hughes Glendening, First Lady of Maryland

"Your commitment to empowering children to become literate and to continue reading over their lifetime is commendable. I look forward to reading your book to my grandchildren." - Carolyn Hunt, First Lady of North Carolina.

"Not only is the story delightful, but it also carries an extremely important message for all readers. I am sure it will become a favorite of children." - Sherri Geringer, First Lady of Wyoming

"It is a delightful edition, and I know my children will greatly enjoy it." - Gary Locke, Governor of Washington

"You can be certain that I will enjoy reading and sharing the book with my family and friends." - Tom Ridge, Governor of Pennsylvania

"It is a great book, and I really appreciate all you are doing for literacy." - Bill Owens, Governor of Colorado

"My daughter loves this book so much that she takes it to bed with her every night." - David James Elliot, star of "Jag"

"What a way to educate our children, through story telling." - Priscilla Beaulieu Presley

"Your book is a book for all ages." - Marian Rees - Hallmark Hall of Fame Producer

"The King of Skittledeedoo was an adorable read." - Tom Lynch, Lynch Entertainment

"I read it to our 7-year-old daughter the other night and she loved it and said read it again!" - Steve Hilton, Conrad Hilton Foundation

"I will pass it along to my 4-year-old nephew. I'm sure that is will bring him much joy, and hopefully teach him an important lesson about the importance of a good education." - Paul R. Millman, Foundation Director, Mattel Children's Foundation.

"It was such a treat to see such a beautiful presentation. I'm so glad that your product and labor of love will be used to help children learn to read." - Ricky Lauren

"Everyone applauds the appeal of the central characters, the quality of their design, and the positive message." Tim Brooke-Hunt, Yoram Gross - EM.TV

"It's a charming book full of wit." - Max Howard, Dreamworks Pictures

"I loved the message - reading and learning is important for everyone and we can learn from each other. I have been invited to many classrooms to re-read the book and share the funny pictures close up." - Carol Matthews, Principal, Fairfield Elementary School, Toledo.

"You are to be commended for your interest in promoting literacy." - Ronald S. Pugsley, U.S. Department of Education.

"My two sons and I have enjoyed reading your book, especially my six-year-old." - Rachel Hodges, First Lady of South Carolina

The King of Skittledeedoo will delight young children, while pleasing their parents... This book would make a great gift or a perfect stocking stuffer for the Christmas season." - The Chattooga Press

"Your book's encouragement of reading is a natural partner to Barnes & Noble's efforts to increase literacy." - Holly Smith, Community Relations Manager, Barnes & Noble Encino

"Thank you for your contribution in writing." - Jean Grissim, Community Relations Associate, Borders Kona

"To say that I am impressed with the work that you do and your commitment to literacy is an understatement." - Ann H. Farwell, American Film Institute

The King of Skittledeedoo is a delightful book, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading and look forward to reading to my grandchildren." - Bonnie Hill, Senior Vice President, Los Angeles Times

"Your book is the reason we chose you as our spokesperson." - Patricia Smart, Literacy Network of Greater Los Angeles

"I think your book is terrific! With your energy and commitment I am sure it will be a big success and serve a lot of kids." - Wally "Famous" Amos

"...Thank you for the lovely children's book. It is lovely!" - Sam Haskell, Executive Vice President, William Morris Agency

"Thanks for the sample of the wonderful book by Patricia Rust - The King of Skittledeedoo. ...The book is excellent." - Lee F. Flaherty, CEO Flair Communications Agency

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